Reflections and Refractions After One Week

N.B. By “Reflections and Refractions,” I mean to mock a scholarly article or fifteen.

Here’s another cliche: It’s hard to believe that we’re already one week into the Summer Coding 2010 process!

Really, though, it is hard to believe.  It seems like I’ve simultaneously accomplished nothing, and accomplished a great deal.  That’s how the week has been going for me.  It’s slow work, chugging away, reading all 300 ways to rid your Fedora Linux system of PulseAudio once and for all.  None of them work, by the way.  While you can easily remove PulseAudio from your system, it’s another thing entirely to get sound working again.

Then there are the areas where I have done quite a lot: surprisingly, the Audacity tutorial was easy to write.  I think that its readers will have a good understanding of how to use the software, especially if they download the audio examples that will be provided.  I even found a bug!

On the other hand, I was supposed to have finished the LilyPond/Frescobaldi tutorial algorithms today, but I didn’t.  I did finish one of the three use cases, but the piano score and orchestral score remain to be written.  Part of the problem here is that I’m going to rely on the excellent LilyPond documentation to provide an introduction to LilyPond.  However, I’m not exactly sure what the user should be expected to know by the time they get to my tutorials.  It will be important to sort this out eventually, so that I can decide on exactly how much detail is required for these sections.

Tomorrow (Thursday), I will be taking a day off, spending it in Toronto, concluded by a concert of the Toronto Symphony Orhcestra with Yundi Li as soloist.  Bruckner’s ninth symphony is on the program, and it’s one of my favourite musical works.  It always inspires me, which is good, because Friday and Saturday will be dedicated to SuperCollider!

Being behind schedule doesn’t concern me yet.  There are lots of buffer zones in the plan, and I’m confident that I will be able to finish the LilyPond/Frescobaldi sections in time.  Also, please don’t contact me with techniques for PulseAudio.  It did eventually get sorted out, I think!