Baby Tree Frogs

I certainly didn’t intend to spend this much time away from the blog, but instead I got a lot of work done.

It’s nice now, after just one day of writing full documents (rather than working on just the basics), to be able to see a lot of text being written in one day.  It makes me feel much more productive!

Development of the Musicians’ Guide is going well, and the biggest obstacle that I’m encountering is the shortcomings of Wiki syntax.  While knowing where I am in the text (in the middle of a homogeneous chunk of pure characters) is a problem quickly-solved, but I’ve gotten myself into a few good messes (some of which I have yet to extract myself from) with lists.  Unfortunately, I can’t use the # and * markup in many cases, because of the <code> and <pre> blocks that I use to demonstreate LilyPond and SuperCollider code examples.  I expect that this kind of problem will stay with me when I make the transition to DocBook XML, but I’m sure there will be time to find a better tool (then KWrite… like Kate) or a better method of writing/indentation (which I currently can’t use or else the wiki will create boxes around my text!)