Status Report II

Over the past few days, I feel like the progress of the Musicians’ Guide has been leaping ahead.  Not only have the Qtractor and Solfege chapters been completed, but my thinking about the final layout has been clarified, and several important suggestions were offered by members of Fedora’s Audio Creation SIG, and my mentors.

It’s always an interesting process to see a large project work from its initial stages into a completed form, and a particular joy for me.  One of the things that I await most eagerly when embarking on a new project – be it writing a new or mastering an existing musical composition, or working on a research project – is the moments of realization, when you either know for sure that a previous decision was the right one, or when you know for sure that it must be reversed and another solution put in place.  Some people call this “the joy of discovery.”  Maybe.  It’s probably just learning.

To-Write This Week:
-Ardour Chapter
-Rosegarden Chapter
-SuperCollider Book
-FluidSynth/QSynth Chapter (possibly finished today)
-“Which DAW to Choose?” Section

It’s going to be a long and arduous (haha!) week.